About Us

Our goal with our chess photography prints is to bring the magic, mystery, and emotion of chess into your everyday lives. We believe that chess deserves so much more attention and credit than it momentarily enjoys. We are able to see the appeal, beauty, and passion of chess, and we hope we will see it too. In order to achieve such emotion, we take great pride in our lightwork, use of composition, space, and moment. Every digital photograph we create must have its physical instance. Our entire work is etched on fine art papers recreated with state-of-the-art technology and high-quality hanging systems.

Every physical print in every collection is limited in number (limits between 100 and 400 pieces), depending on storyline strength and our emotional connection to each photograph. Any piece that reaches its limit will be discontinued. Each print will hold a serial number and signature because we believe that fine art is only worth more with time.

At this moment, we are offering prints in three sizes with three artistic options to choose from. Any questions you may have will be answered via email and returned in 24h.

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