How To Easily Decorate a Living Room?

If you’ve ever wondered how to easily decorate a living room, this article may help you with just that.

How To Easily Decorate a Living Room?

How To Easily Decorate a Living Room…and Its Impact

The main purpose of any living space is to create a sense of style, purpose, and comfort without losing your work effectiveness or concentration. This is where choosing the right decor plays a key role. Living space is characterized by shape, color, and size. However, its finite definition is determined by decor impact.  

Choosing the right decor can be a daunting task. Intrinsically, decor should reflect the owner’s personality, but extrinsically, it should amplify the purpose of the living space. For this reason alone, it is important to think ahead when choosing the right decor for your space.

You will start by answering few of your own questions;

  • What is the purpose of your room?
  • What are the dimensions, location, orientation, and shape of your room? 
  • What color scheme are you going for?
  • What type of textures do you want in your space?
  • How do you emphasize your personality with the right decor decisions?

How To Achieve Maximum Effect From Your Space?

It seems obvious, but it’s not that easy to determine the purpose of your room. Let’s say you would like to decorate your office. Before doing anything, you have to figure out who this space is designed for!? You or your client?

When you figure out the “who” question, the next step is finding out how much time you or your clients will be spending in your space!

For example, if you only plan to spend an hour a day or if you only want to impress your clients on occasion, you might want to go with a sleek, minimalistic black-and-white design in combination silver or golden textured decor. On the other hand, if you plan to spend at least 10 hours a day in your office, let’s say, the previously mentioned black-and-white combination may seem too flashy and even tiresome after some time. In that case, choosing warmer colors in combination with natural textures may seem like a better solution.

The other very important thing to consider is the room’s size, position, orientation, and shape. Let’s say your room faces south. In that case, you may want to go with a more casual, warm, and cozy space that emphasizes sunlight coming from the direction of the window. On the contrary, if your space lacks natural sunlight, you may choose something that matches better with the artificial lights in your room—a colder color scheme.

Texturing Your Space

Let’s make this simple. Texturing your space is like creating a specific emotion. When choosing a texture, you must think in terms of nature’s laws—or something that seems naturally fitting. For example, if you are planning to display wooden grain mills or flour products in your shop, it would be logical to display them on shelves carved from walnut trees instead of metallic chrome ones.

The other thing to keep in mind is texture layering (z-depth). Many elements stacked in different layers create much more excitement than a single element (unless that element is your room’s focal point).

Queen's Row
Focal point – by

When selecting multiple elements to stack in layers, try to define your central element and position everything else around it. Find out more about multi-layer texturing in this fine article from homestolove.

Make It Personal

The right decor reflects your personality or, at the very least, aids in communicating the story you’re trying to tell (or sell) to the rest of the world. Since the dawn of time, storytelling has been the cornerstone of every initiative out there. Just think about it. Every great idea, movement, or project was able to successfully communicate its own story.

Communicating your story through decor isn’t that much different. 

Make It Personal
“Your wall art needs to be personal”….Victoria Akvarel – Pexels

Are Your Decorating Choices Cliché?

Another problem when choosing the right decor is commonality. When decorating their own spaces, a lot of people just fill voids with whatever they have at their disposal. Although it may be cost-effective, hoarding stuff for the sake of filling empty space leads to poor design decisions that have a serious effect on a room’s feel, look, and tone. On top of that, it reduces work efficacy and concentration.

Thinking In Terms of Color

It can be such an effort to properly choose your color scheme. For instance, when combining black and white wall art with a white wall surface, color matching seems easy. However, displaying multi-layered textures in different colors can be much more challenging.

“Black & white art is always a safer choice”…. Dom J. – Pexels

Most people don’t give too much importance to color theory, but choosing the wrong set of colors is often the number one mood killer.

Thinking In Terms of Color
“Example of proper color choices”….Think in terms of color…Ann H. – Pexels
“Color theory is essential”….Cottonbro – Pexels

Grouping Elements Together

When it comes to height, the rule of thumb is to position textures at eye level, or at least 20 cm above the seating level.

If you lack textures that match well with each other, displaying big format wall art as a decor choice is always a good idea because it covers a lot of wall surfaces.

Read this article from Studio Mcgee regarding a proper way of displaying your wall art.

Grouping Elements Together
“Positioning your wall art can be challenging”….Photo from Pexels
“Position your art 10″ inches above the sofa”….Isaw company – Pexels

No matter if you are into any style, choosing the right decor option can be very confusing.

Traditional vs. Modern Decoration Solutions

Recently, a lot of people have chosen metal frames, acrylic prints, or wooden prints over standard order options like canvas prints or framed artwork as their decor choice. Although it is a bit of a modern approach (compared to standard options like canvas prints or framed artwork), these new options tend to look more contrasty and punchy, as opposed to the tender, softer visual display you get from canvas or framed artwork. This may seem like a better feature, but it can be a disadvantage when designing a multi-layered decor.

“Modern times require modern solutions. Acrylic is the new canvas”….Coup of Couple – Pexels

Artistic Style Plays a Major Role in Defining Your Decor

I’ve invested a great deal of time reviewing different options for my chess art. I’ve concluded that artistic style plays a great deal in choosing one option over another.

For example, the main characters in my photo collections are usually black and white pieces that are stacked on a black-and-white chessboard. Before making any raw photos, I usually think in advance about how a specific style of photography matches with the specific artistic style of certain areas.

To capture an essence, I usually shoot indoors by combining lighting techniques that serve my purpose.

“Using big format wall art is nice trick in filling your wall space”….Hatice Baran – Pexels


It doesn’t matter what decor decision you make as long as it successfully translates your idea, mission, and personality.

The purpose of art is transformation. Transformation is the essence of life. It makes a living more worthwhile. It amplifies our hopes, beliefs, and dreams. So choose wisely.

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